Sparkle & Shine: 90's Nostalgia

 Hey everyone! How are you all doing?  Good, I hope! 

Today, I've got this month's Sparkle & Shine box to share with you all!  Sparkle & Shine is a bi-monthly box with Wildflower Lacquer, and myself, Nailed It.  Every box, we have a special guest maker join us, and this month we were honored to have Sarah of Bee's Knees Lacquer jump on board!

The theme for this month's box was "90's Nostalgia" and we each picked something from the 90's to base our polishes on. Ahh, the good old days, am I right? 

The box will be available Friday, May 15th and will be $30 plus shipping.  What a deal!  Let's jump on into the polishes, shall we?

Bees Knees Lacquer - Tamagotch-me Anxious
Inspiration: Tamagotchi

A muted rose with red to yellow shimmer and holo flakes.
Shown in 3 coats + Top Coat

Nailed It Nail Polish - Move It, Football Head!
Inspiration: Hey, Arnold!

A jargon jade base with red to gold crystal flakies, scattered holo, and a subtle red to green aurora shimmer.
Shown in 3 coats + top coat

Wildflower Lacquer - Rainbow Fish
Inspiration: The "Rainbow Fish" Book

A blue tinted linear holo base with red to green shifting shimmer, holo flakies, and a rainbow of scattered crystal flakies.

Shown in 3 coats + top coat

That's all of them!  I love how each polish is completely unique in color and flakies, but all share red shimmery properties.  I swear we didn't plan it, we were just all on the same wavelength! 😂

Anywho, stop by the Sparkle & Shine Shop to see a whole bunch of swatches and to find out more info!

Until next time, take care and talk to you all soon!

xoxo, Tia