Hella Handmade Creations: August 2020

Hello again, everyone!  Is it really already August?  This year seems to be flying by!  It's that time again for the HHC post!  This time around, we've got the August offerings and they do not disappoint!

What is HHC?
Hella Handmade Creations is an online artisan store that offers a variety of exclusive products! The shop will be open 8/14-8/21 for pre-order at www.hellahandmadecreations.com and there, you will be able to choose from over 35 beautiful creations handcrafted specifically for HHC from crafters around the world!  Each maker has chosen a specific theme that resonates with them to create products inspired by!  Once pre-order closes, the 4 week turn-around time begins.  I know it seems like a long time, but keep in mind, most of these makers make these beautiful items in small batches, ensure quality control, then ship it off to the HHC headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii!  The lovely HHC ladies then sort through tons of packages and the shipping extravaganza begins!  You'll have all your pretties in no time, and believe me, you won't regret it!

Bee's Knees Lacquer- "Your Smile Glows Like A Butterfly"
Theme: Ghost Adventure
Price: $12.00
Cap: None
A pale Robin's egg blue with glowing blue shimmer.
Shown here in 4 coats + top coat.

I absolutely love the glowy blue shimmer!

Black Dahlia Lacquer- "Rubber Band"
Theme: David Bowie
Price: $11.50
Cap: None
A metallic bronzed rose jelly with rose gold metallic flakies and red/gold aurora shimmer that features a strong shift to red/purple/gold/green when painted over black.
Shown here in 2 coats + top coat.

I love the opacity of this one! Two easy coats and done.

Blush Lacquers- "The Promise Of A Woman"
Theme: The Princess Bride
Price: $11.50
Cap: None
A buildable cherry red jelly nail polish with gold flakes and shifting gold-green-teal multichrome flakes.
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

Such a strikingly beautiful red!

Colors By Llarowe- "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
Theme: Wizard Of Oz
Price: $11.00
Cap: 175
A bright yellow crelly with red to gold to green shimmer and yellow to green shifting flake.
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

I love the softness of this yellow!  It would be perfect for a pastel mani!

Heather's Hues- "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica"
Theme: The Office
Price: $12.50
Cap: None
A tan crelly filled with a red-orange-gold-green shimmer and a mix of gold and copper holo dust and holo flakies.
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

The contrast of that shifty shimmer against the base color is stunning!

Lollipop Posse Lacquer- "Oh, Sweet Potato!"
Theme: Adventure Time
Price: $13.00
Cap: None
A soft white crelly filled with a rainbow mix of glitters and red/purple chameleon shimmer.
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

Such a gorgeous and playful crelly!

LynB Designs- "We Were On A Break!"
Theme: Friends
Price: $12.00
Cap: 90
A deep purple to white thermal with red to violet to gold shifting shimmer, micro holo flakies, and green to blue to purple shifting flakes.
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

I love, love, love the thermal color with the pop of flakies.

MDJ Creations- "I'm A Hot Mess Not A Train Wreck"
Theme: Empowerment
Price: $11.00
Cap: 80
An intense pink base with silver holographic micro glitter, firey amber flakies, multichrome glitter with warm amber golden & teal sparks, all with a stunning holographic finish.
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

Such a blingy and beautiful pink!

Music City Beauty- "Little Red Corvette"
Theme: Prince
Price: $13.00
Cap: 60
A red jelly with red shimmer and blue to pink to gold iridescent flakes
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

A truly beautiful red! 

Nail Hoot- "Her Head Don't Come Off!"
Theme: The Labyrinth
Price: $10.99
Cap: None
A fluffy peach base filled with fiery flecks of holo glittrs and pops of green to gold shifting shimmer.
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

Such a gorgeous neutral!  I love the glitter in this one.

Nailed It - "Shark Week"
Theme: Under The Sea
Price: $12.75
Cap: 120
A linear holo base with a blue to purple multichrome shimmer.
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

I'm a sucker of shifty holos!

Night Owl Lacquer- "Breath Of The Wild"
Theme: Legend Of Zelda
Price: $13.00
Cap: None
A vibrant blue filled with fuchsia/gold/green shimmer and gold crystal flakies.
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

The shifting shimmer against that beautiful blue is striking!

Penelope Luz- "Delain"
Theme: Symphonic Metal Music
Price: $13.00
Cap: 200
A green magnetic with a little holo pigment.
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

The gold magnetic particles just POP against that lush green base!

Quixotic- "The Predator"
Theme: 90's Hip Hop
Price: $12.00
Cap: None
A slate grey ultra holo with subtle multichrome shift from pink to gold to green.
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

I feel like I've died and gone to holo heaven!

Rogue Lacquer- "Big Ben"
Theme: London
Price: $12.00
Cap: None
A foggy gray that reminds us of a rainy day with gold/yellow color shifting shimmer soft holo flame and scattered gold and green color shifting flakes.
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

This is such a beauty! I am living for that shimmer.

Shlee Polish- "Living Fire"
Theme: Promare
Price: $15.00
Cap: 100
A sheer/topper polish loaded with iridescent flakies in various colors, with scattered holographic micro glitters.
Shown here in 1 coat over black & 3 coats on it's own + top coat.

It truly pops over a black base!  So many possibilities!

Wildflower Lacquer- "Bugs & Kisses"
Theme: Buggin' Out
Price: $12.50
Cap: None
A bright pink base with pink to gold to green shifting shimmer, scattered holo flakes and subtle linear holo.
Shown here in 3 coats + top coat.

Finally, the freebie!
Under a Hula Moon - "Green Room" base coat
A soft, tacky base coat that levels imperfections, helps prevent chipping and peeling, and anchors in nail polish. 3 free.
Free with a purchase of $75+ excluding candy sales.

All swatches shown were topped with the free gift "Ricos" gel finish top coat from last month.  If you are interested in purchasing it from the Under A Hula Moon Shop and make an HHC purchase this month, use code HHCCOMBINE to get a portion of the shipping taken off.

...and that's a wrap!  Thank you for sticking with me through all the goodies offered this month in the Hella Handmade Creations shop!  

Let me know what your favorites are down in the comments below!


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