Nailed It: Supernatural Fan Favorites + Giveaway

 Hey everyone! 
I am back with a collection that I have been looking forward to for months!  As many of you know, my obsession witth the Supernatural TV show is borderline unhealthy (haha!) so of course, I had to create a collection for the series finale!  For inspiration, I chose 6 fan favorite Supernatural episodes!

Party On, Garth!
A flakie packed polish, filled with pink/gold/green UCC flakies & red/gold UCC flakies in a holo base.

We all can't help but love Garth!  He's such a positive and upbeat character!

100th Tuesday
A green jelly base packed with green/blue/purple UCC flakies, gold/green crystal flakies, and a sprinkle of holo micro flakies.

"Yesterday was Tuesday, but today is Tuesday, too!"  It was just a matter of time before a polish was made to commemorate the unforgettable Mystery Spot episode.

Dr. Sexy MD
A blackened base packed with pink/gold/green crystal flakies, pink/gold/green UCC flakies, holo micro flakies, and a touch of micro holo glitter.

The boys get stuck in a variety of TV shows and it makes for some entertaining television!

Don't Look At The Camera
A golden-orange base packed with gold/green crystal flakies, red/gold UCC flakies, and holo flakies.

One of my favorite episodoes of all time!  Watching the boys being actors in a TV show called "Supernatural" where they are, in fact, Jared & Jenson playing Sam & Dean.

King Of The Fairies
A purple base packed with pink/gold/green UCC flakies, red/gold UCC flakies, a holo sparkle, and glowing sparks of aqua.

The boys run into a fairy problem, and Sam asks dean if he "serviced Obleron, King of the Fairies"

I Lost My Shoe
A blue base with a green to blue shifting shimmer, green/purple UCC flakies, green/purple crystal flakies, and a touch of holo.

Who can forget Sam's run of bad luck, resulting in a lost shoe?

And that's all of them! 

These polishes will be available in the Nailed It Shop on Sunday, October 11th @ 5pm edt.  You can grab them individually for $12.50 each, or get the full collection for $68 for all 6 polishes.  Be sure to join the Nailed it FB Group for all the latest updates!

Additionally, there will be two Supernatural inspired mystery bags available.  Each will have 3 polishes.  
1. Dean's Monster Mash Ups
2. Sam-isms

Let me know which polish you're most excited about & enter to win $10 off the full collection!

1. Comment below your favorite polish from the Supernatural collection

Giveaway will be close Friday, 10/9 @ 11:59pm eastern.  Winner will be contacted via email.  


  1. Lovely swathes! I like all of these polishes and can’t wait for the release!! I lost my shoe is my favorite polish. I do love the episode where Jensen and Jared are playing Dean and Sam, who are playing Jensen and Jared playing Dean and Sam.

  2. I'm owned by all of them! If I *have* to pick one, it's 100th Tuesday ^_^

  3. I'm excited for this collection including the mystery polishes. But I have to say that I'm most excited for I Lost My Shoe.

  4. I'm so excited for all of these, but I think I lost my shoe is my favorite!

  5. I LOVE them all too much to pick just one. All the supernatural polishes hold a special part of my heart.

  6. I'm loving all of them but Dr. sexy MD and party on garth are my favorites

  7. They are all amazing but I'm especially excited for "I Lost My Shoe!" 🤩


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