Hella Handmade Creations: Nov 2020

Hi again everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful week!  In today's post, I have the honor of sharing with you several of November's HHC offerings!

What is HHC?
Hella Handmade Creations is an online artisan store that offers a variety of exclusive products! The shop will be open 11/14-11/21 for pre-order at www.hellahandmadecreations.com and there, you will be able to choose from over 35 beautiful creations handcrafted specifically for HHC from crafters around the world!  Each maker has chosen a specific theme that resonates with them to create products inspired by!  Once pre-order closes, the 4 week turn-around time begins.  I know it seems like a long time, but keep in mind, most of these makers make these beautiful items in small batches, ensure quality control, then ship it off to the HHC headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii!  The lovely HHC ladies then sort through tons of packages and the shipping extravaganza begins!  You'll have all your pretties in no time, and believe me, you won't regret it!

Let's jump on in and take a look at this month's polishes!

Bee's Knees Lacquer: Come Play With My Balls
Theme: Rick & Morty
$12.50//No Cap
A soft peachy orange with red to green shimmer and the orange sister to "Keep Summer Safe". 

Black Dahlia Lacquer: Golden Years
Theme: David Bowie
$11.50//No Cap
A shifting champagne jelly with copper micro glitter, red and green Aurora shimmers, metallic gold flakies and bright pink/copper/gold and green shifting flakes. 

Bluebird Lacquer: Where Have You Barn All My Life
Theme: Beautiful Birds
$11.50//No Cap
A russet brown jelly packed with copper-gold-red-green shifting iridescent flakies and gold to green ucc flakies with a faux UP shimmer.

Chirality Nail Polish: World's Smallest Violin
Theme: Tarantino Effect
$12.00//No Cap
A dark charcoal grey base filled with pink shimmer and sparkles, holo silver accents, red to gold UCC color shifting flakes, and pink flakes.

Great Lakes Lacquer: Like My Boomerang
Theme: Avatar the Last Airbender
$13.00//No Cap
A navy teal blue filled with a gold to green to aqua shifting shimmer

Heather's Hues: Santa Bond
Theme: The Office
$12.50//No Cap
 A berry red packed with holo micro-glitters, microshreds, flakes, and a touch of gold holo glitters and flakes

Kathleen & Co: Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend
Theme: Geology
 A holo base with holo flakes, microglitters, and a rainbow of iridescent flakes to reflect the diamond’s sparkle.

Lilypad Lacquer: O-pearl-escent
Theme: Magical Images
A white crelly base with a mix of rainbow coloured iridescent, colourshifting white chameleon flakes, and gold sparks. 

Lollipop Posse Lacquer: Kinda Lonely
Theme: Adventure Time
$13.00//Cap: None
 A cobalt blue crelly accented with electric blue to purple shifting iridescent flakes, holographic microflakes, and blue to purple multichrome shimmer.

LynB Designs: Was That Place...The Sun?
Theme: Friends
$12.00//Cap: 90
A juicy orange to a juicy sheer yellow thermal with aqua to purple to pink shifting flakies, and micro holo shreds.

MDJ Creations: I Got This
Theme: Empowerment
$12.00//Cap: 70
A teal leaning green holo colorshifting to violet, with pink purple & blue sparkling holo glitter and a strong linear holographic

Music City Beauty: 1999
Theme: Prince
$12.00//Cap: None
A full coverage microglitter filled with violet holo microglitters in two sizes and silver holo microglitter.

Nail Hoot: Your Eyes Can Be So Cruel
Theme: Labyrinth
$120.99 //Cap: 70
An optic blue base that is swimming with fierce golden shimmers and delightful scattered holo glitters. 

Nailed It Nail Polish: Scissors For Hands
Theme: Tim Burton
$12.75//Cap: None
A deep periwinkle base with a strong red to gold to green shifting shimmer, accented with silver flakies, holo flakies, and holo pigment. 

Pampered Polishes: This Is Me Now
Theme: Bob's Burgers
$13.00 //Cap: None
A delicate, soft holographic mauve crelly base loaded with silver, gold, and holographic microflakies. Accented with red-bronze-copper ultrachrome chameleon flakies, as well as pink-gold-green ultrachrome chameleon flakies.

Quixotic Polish: Speak A Little Truth
Theme: 90's Hip Hop
$12.00//Cap: None
A black jelly base with red holo micro glitter, orange to red shifting ultra chrome flakes and blue to purple iridescent flakes. 

Rogue Lacquer: Happy Christmas
Theme: London
$12.50//Cap: None
 A dove gray sold holo with gold and turquoise micro metallic flakes and packed with holo glitters and shreds. 

Sassy Pants Polish: Sad Little Nerd King
Theme: Magician
a silver ultra-holographic polish with an assorted mix of silver and black metallic and holographic glitters and microflakies.

Supernatural Lacquer: Oxytocin
Theme: Neurotransmitters
$12.50//Cap: None
 A medium lavender crelly with magenta to gold to green multichrome and aurora shimmer.


Under A Hula Moon: That's Just 72 More Cookies
Theme: Schitt's Creek
$4.50//Cap: None
 A wonderful gingerbread fragrance with notes of ginger, molasses and nutmeg blended with buttercream icing with hints of nuts and carrot cake.

Wildflower Lacquer: Placer Of The Stars
Theme: Buggin' Out
$13.00 //Cap: None
 A linear holo emerald green jelly base multichrome that shifts from orange to copper to gold to green.

Finally, the freebie!
Under a Hula Moon - "Wipe Out"
Wipe Out is named for the act of surfers falling off their boards . "Wipe Out" is a base coat that serves as a ridge filler, strengthener and nail primer for both natural and artificial nails. It contains Vitamin B12 and silk powder.
Free with a purchase of $75+ excluding "Doodads, Dinglehoppers, & Doohickeys" category.

All swatches shown were topped with the free gift "Ricos" gel finish top coat from last month.  If you are interested in purchasing it from the Under A Hula Moon Shop and make an HHC purchase this month, use code HHCCOMBINE to get a portion of the shipping taken off.

...and that's a wrap!  Thank you so much for sticking with me!  As a reminder, the Hella Handmade Creations Shop will be open 11/14-11/21 so be sure to head on over and start making your wish lists!

See you all in the next blog and until then, stay safe!